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Spectra Tattoo Removal Sarasota

Tattoos have become very prevalent in recent years, and often more colorful. While getting tattooed has become more acceptable and commonplace, there has been a steadily increasing number of people who have come to regret their tattoos and seek removal. The Lutronic Spectra laser is currently the best means of removing ink from the skin as it is safer, non-invasive and less painful than other options like dermabrasion or surgical excision.

Whether you have come to regret a tattoo that was not well done or does not suit you anymore, or you are worried that these symbols of youthful self-expression may be holding you back from a new career, our laser tattoo therapy can likely help.

Understanding Tattoos and Removal Options

A tattoo is a permanent mark made by inserting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin through punctures in the top layer of the skin. Today, most tattoos are done with electric tattoo machines that rapidly puncture needles in the skin in an up and down motion.

Complete tattoo removal is not entirely possible. Tattoos are meant to be permanent, after all, although there are some methods that are effective. The amount of remaining blemishes or color depend on many factors, including your individual healing, the location of the tattoo, the size, how the tattoo was done and how old it is.

Before the introduction of laser therapy, there were only a few tattoo removal options available, which were usually very painful and left scars. This includes dermabrasion, or “sanding” the skin to remove layers, cryosurgery in which the region of the skin is frozen prior to removal, and excision, in which the tattoo is removed with a scalpel and the wound is closed with stitches. Laser therapy is now the standard reatment to remove tattoos, and Spectra laser therapy is typically considered the most effective.

About Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is by far the most common and effective way to remove tattoos by using laser energy to destroy the pigment. Lasers are capable of targeting the pigment in the ink without harming your tissue. As the energy is applied, it is absorbed by the pigment. Once ink particles absorb laser energy, they break into tiny fragments and are absorbed by the body’s immune system. This usually takes a few weeks.

Keep in mind that professional tattoos can be harder to remove than amateur tattoos, as the ink is usually of a better quality and deeper in the skin. Multi-colored tattoos also take more sessions, as each color will require a different wavelength of light. Black and blue ink is the easiest to treat, while red and yellow ink is the hardest to remove. Black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, which means this color can be removed more easily than some that must be treated by selected laser. The larger the tattoo, the more sessions will be required.

Spectra Tattoo Removal Procedure

Because each pulse of the Spectra laser will result in a stinging sensation, a topical numbing agent or local anesthetic will be applied prior to your procedure for additional comfort. Most treatments last just 10 to 30 minutes. After your treatment, you may experience swelling and blistering that can take up to a week to heal, and your skin may appear red or pink for some time. Avoid sun exposure after treatment until your skin heals.

If multiple sessions are required, they will be spaced 4-8 weeks apart to give the body time to remove the maximum amount of pigment between sessions. Each session will take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete.

After Laser Tattoo Removal

Immediately after your treatment, an ice pack will be applied to your skin and you will be instructed to use an antibiotic ointment. A bandage will also be placed to cover the treated area.

After your treatment, your skin will have white discoloration that is temporary. The area around the tattoo may also experience mild swelling and redness. This will dissipate on its own. Results are usually visible within 5 or 6 weeks as your body breaks down the ink. Normal skin tone may take up to 6 or 12 months to return.

Are You a Candidate?

Every tattoo is different, and removal techniques must be customized to each case. In the not so distant past, tattoos were removed using several methods that often left scars that were were than the tattoo. If you have a previously treated tattoo, you may still be a good candidate for laser tattoo therapy. Tattoos that were not effectively treated with dermabrasion or some other method can respond to laser treatment, assuming the previous treatment did not leave a great deal of scarring.

Spectra™ in Sarasota | Florida


Spectra™ | Sarasota | FloridaDecorative tattoos have a history dating back from ancient times. Currently, almost twenty percent of people in the United States have tattoos and the number is still growing. For the younger generation, tattoos are considered a symbol of freedom, but with advancing age, more and more wish to remove them because of the negative connotation associated with tattoos. Tattoos are also removed simply because of an individual’s desire to replace the existing tattoo with a newer design.

How are tattoos removed?

Medical lasers use a beam of light to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo. When the ink particles absorb the light from the laser, they are broken up into fragments and then absorbed through your body’s immune system. This process generally takes a few weeks. The larger the tattoo, the more sessions it will take to break down the ink particles.

What will my skin look like after treatment?

Right after your treatment, your skin will have a white discoloration, and the area around the tattoo may become reddish and appear swollen. This is normal and will disappear slowly over time. Results take about 5 – 6 weeks after each treatment. Immediately after treatment, antibacterial ointment and gauze will be applied to the treated area to minimize infection.

Are there any side effects?

Occasionally, a whitening of the skin may occur. However, normal skin tone should return within 6 -12 months following your last treatment session. Since the ink used in tattooing can vary from tattoo to tattoo, some patients have only partial clearing even after several sessions.

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