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30 Minute Facelift / AccuLift™ Sarasota

Throughout the aging process, the tissues of the face and neck lose elasticity and become lax. As this occurs, fatty deposits will begin to sink down the face, causing a droop around the eyes and cheeks, as well as forming jowls along the jawline. To address these problems, an AccuLift procedure uses cutting-edge technology to lift tissues and restore a healthy appearance. The AccuLift is the first and only laser0assisted facial contouring procedure available today. Patients are able to note immediate results that are long-lasting; best of all, only one treatment is necessary.

The AccuLift procedure is ideal for correction of both the face and neck. Nasolabial Folds, sagging jowls, and lax tissue under the chin can show significant improvement. The best candidates for the AccuLift procedure are men and women, in good health, who are frustrated by their declining appearance. At a fracture of the cost seen in a traditional facelift, the AccuLift procedure consistently provides efficient and effective results.

The AccuLift Procedure:

The AccuLift procedure involves the application of highly concentrated energy, directed at targeted areas of the face, to melt fatty tissue. The fat may be eliminated through a manual removal, using a cannula, or through a natural absorption by the body. Not only is the face sculpted to a more aesthetically pleasing contour, the heat will also benefit the skin through skin contraction, as well. Taking less than 30 minutes in our surgical suite, the AccuLift is performed under 30 minutes with local anesthesia. The procedure may be performed alone, or paired with a Blepharoplasty or Dermal Fillers to create optimum results.

Recovery from an AccuLift:

Patients should expect their AccuLift recovery to take between 24 and 48 hours, during which time minor discomfort may be experienced. Minimal swelling and bruising will occur; what does appear will resolve quickly. Patients generally feel well enough to return to work in two to five days.

Holcomb and Kreithen Plastic Surgery has extensive experience with facial rejuvenation procedures. As one of the few providers of the AccuLift procedure, Dr. Holcomb and Dr. Kreithen can offer their patients exceptional results with a minimally invasive procedure. One of the most sought after procedures available today, the AccuLift has been featured on Ivanhoe’s ‘Medical Breakthroughs’, as well as in the journals Modern Medicine and Plastic Surgery Practice. Contact our office at 941.365.8679 to schedule your AccuLift consultation appointment.


AccuLift™ (also known as Laser Assisted Facial Contouring (LAFC), Laser Assisted Neck Contouring (LANC), 30 Minute Facelift and unveiled on CBS The Doctors TV Show in November 2011)
Defy gravity and turn back time

AccuLift™, the first and only laser-assisted facial contouring procedure currently available, is a one-time procedure that rejuvenates and refreshes the face.

AccuLift™ | Sarasota | Florida

The 30 Minute Facelift addresses three key areas of lower facial aging (right and left jawline and the area under the chin) in a single, outpatient, minimally invasive manner – the AccuSculpt laser is used to reduce or eliminate jowling of the lower face and to contour the area under the chin.

The goal of the 30 Minute Facelift is to restore the youthful jaw and neck lines and eliminate the pear shape of the aging face while helping to re-establish the apple shape of a more youthful face.

For patients with minimal to mild skin laxity and accumulated volume at the jawline (jowls) and under the chin the 30 Minute Facelift may be a good standalone procedure. For patients with more significant skin laxity and/or associated volume loss (eg in the midface) LAFC and LANC may be incorporated into the overall treatment plan. Examples include:

  • 30 Minute Facelift with Soft Tissue Augmentation (eg Radiesse injections or lipografting)
  • 30 Minute Facelift with Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • Laser Assisted Facelift (surgical) that begins with laser contouring of the lower face and the area under the chin before surgically lifting the associated loose skin and deeper soft tissues.

The 30 Minute Facelift is easily done under just local anesthesia and involves only a few small needle punctures. After the treatment areas are anesthetized the AccuSculpt laser fiber is inserted through a needle puncture. As laser energy is delivered to the fatty tissue in the treatment areas the fat breaks up and goes from a solid to a partial liquid state called an emulsion. The treated fat is then removed with a small liposuction cannula attached to a small syringe. A small rectangular tape is placed over the needle puncture sites and an elastic facial band is then used to provide compression to the treatment areas. Light bruising may occur and swelling may take a week or longer to fully subside. Slight tenderness may be present at the treatment areas for a few days or longer.

A formal consultation with Dr. Holcomb is necessary to assess each patient’s suitability for the 30 Minute Facelift and any associated procedures.

Dr. Holcomb | Sarasota | FloridaBio: Dr. J. David Holcomb, M.D. is a double board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, past president of the Florida Society of Facial Plastic Surgeons and the Sarasota County Medical Society. He completed his residency training at the University of Iowa’s Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, which is consistently rated among the best in the country by US News and World Report. Dr. Holcomb subsequently completed a fellowship in advanced cosmetic facial plastic surgery through the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr Holcomb has published several clinical papers regarding the use of lipolysis lasers for Laser Assisted Facial Contouring, and Laser Assisted Facelifting as well as a key scientific paper that outlines the benefits of the 1444 nm NdYAG AccuSculpt laser compared to earlier generation lipolysis lasers. For additional information, please visit .

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30 Minute Facelift / Acculift – Results

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AccuLift™ in Sarasota, Florida

AccuLift™ in Sarasota, FL

AccuLift™ in Sarasota >> Florida

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Eyelid Lift | Sarasota | FL
AccuLift™ in Sarasota | FL

AccuLift™ Gallery >> Sarasota >> FL

AccuLift™, the first and only laser-assisted facial contouring procedure currently available, is a one-time procedure that rejuvenates and refreshes the face.

Dr. Holcomb featured on TV
Dr. Holcomb and the revolutionary Acculift™ procedure are featured in Ivanhoe’s “Medical Breakthroughs” segment as reported by Casey Taylor.

Please click here or the clip (left) to watch a 1-1/2 minute TV segment.

Beauty Has a New Champion!
New Facial Contouring Procedure Unveiled at World Events

May 18, 2010-Sarasota, FL- The dream result of all facial plastic surgeons is to reverse the signs of aging. For decades, the plastic surgery industry has struggled to develop a procedure which not only addresses the signs of aging, but also yields natural, enduring results with little downtime, cost and discomfort typically associated with a full surgical facelift. Dr. J. David Holcomb, a Sarasota, Florida based double board certified facial plastic surgeon and Medical Director of Holcomb Facial Plastic Surgery and the Aesthetic Light and Laser Center, recently introduced the world this past weekend to the future of minimally invasive facial contouring.

Dr. Holcomb, co-developer of the procedure, introduced AccuLift™ to physicians from around the world at the 30th American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ, as well as the 10th International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery in Hollywood, FL. These prestigious events are known by the medical elite for introducing the world to the most cutting-edge laser and surgical procedures. Laser Assisted Facial Contouring (LAFC) also known as the AccuLift™ procedure was met with a great reception, and is being called the future of facial contouring.

The AccuLift™ procedure specifically addresses descended fat that accumulates in the midface (nasolabial fold), along the jawline (jowl) and under the chin as we age. Dr. Holcomb notes that gravity is relentless, and that previous approaches that have attempted to lift or reposition descended fat in the face have very limited long-term success. In addition, attempting to camouflage well-formed nasolabial folds or jowls with injectable fillers can quickly leave patients looking unnatural and over-filled.

Differing greatly from a traditional facelift, the non-surgical AccuLift™ procedure utilizes a revolutionary fiberoptic laser, which melts and permanently removes descended fat in the midface through powerful, localized energy. To obtain the full, non-surgical facelift effect, Dr. Holcomb then uses the fiberoptic laser to contour the lower face-removing the jowl and tightening the skin to create a more defined jawline.

To recreate the ultimate look of youth, many patients also benefit from volume replacement. AccuLift™ is not a substitute for volume replacement but it does change the way that facial fillers are used. So for the midface, fat is removed where it accumulates near the nose, but volume is replaced under the high point of the cheekbone. This combination of minimally invasive procedures- where we address the low points or valleys with soft tissue filler and then address the high points or peaks via laser assisted facial contouring (ie AccuLift™)- takes approximately thirty minutes and can deliver fabulous results.

“The AccuLift™ procedure delivers beautiful, natural-looking results, and the extremely precise AccuSculpt™ laser allows us to contour the face safely and effectively,” concludes Dr. Holcomb. “This is truly the new frontier of facial rejuvenation!”

AccuLift™ Facts

  • AccuLift™ can be an early intervention to reduce emerging features of aging in the midface, lower face and under the chin and can help delay the need for facelift surgery. It is also a natural adjunct to facelift surgery that promises to enhance the results and dramatically reduce the problem of recurrent gravitational jowling.
  • AccuLift™ can be a great touch-up procedure for previous facelift patients that have re-formed jowls.
  • Other candidates have accumulated fat in the mid and/or lower face – ranging from younger patients with a round face who desire more sculpted features, to older patients with subtle to more advanced features of aging in the mid and lower face.
  • Excess fat is carefully removed in a minimally invasive process requiring only a small needle stick. The laser fiber liquefies the excess fat which is then gently removed with syringe microliposuction. Results are evident immediately and then again within a week or so after initial swelling subsides. The fat removal is permanent and significant skin tightening occurs.
  • AccuLift™ is an effective standalone procedure for patients in early 20s to 80s.
  • In addition to addressing the high points with AccuLift™ some patients also need to have the low points addressed with soft tissue augmentation, especially in the midface. Options for these patients include fat grafting, Radiesse injection, facial implant, or Sculptra.
  • AccuLift™ allows patients to DEFY GRAVITY! (By removing the tissue bulk we reduce the effect of gravity so that skin is no longer weighed down).
  • Skin tightening with AccuLift™ is substantial. However, some patients with advanced skin laxity are likely to need additional measures for maximum skin tightening.
  • Removing descended fat in the mid and lower face allows the surgeon to apply/use injectable fillers differently so that results are improved – the fillers are no longer needed to camouflage descended fat and can instead be used to correct true volume deficiency.
  • AccuLift™ gives surgeons a new tool, and the ability to easily-effectively-safely remove unwanted fat deposits in the face, enabling more precise three-dimensional contouring of the face.
  • The AccuSculpt™ laser is different than other “lipo” lasers – it more precisely targets fat and, therefore, requires less energy and is very safe.

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Dr. Holcomb is a Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Laser Surgery specialist and Dr. Kreithen is a Plastic (Breast and Body Contouring) and Cosmetic Laser Surgery specialist.

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