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Microblading Sarasota

Enhancement and/or restoration of the brow arch with microblading is minimally invasive, safe and effective. At Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery and Med Spa microblading is performed by an experienced, skilled and talented physician assistant (Marisol Schultheis, PA-C). The treatment involves numbing the skin, outlining the desire brow arch shape, use of a special multi-bladed instrument that abraded the skin in specific channeled patterns followed by colorization of the microchannels with an appropriately colored Henna based dye. The process takes under 2 hours. A touch up treatment to enhance and maintain color is typically needed after 4 months. Put down the make-up pencils and schedule your microblading consult today!

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Dr. Holcomb is a Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Laser Surgery specialist and Dr. Kreithen is a Plastic (Breast and Body Contouring) and Cosmetic Laser Surgery specialist.

Out of Town Patients

J. David Holcomb, MD and Joshua C. Kreithen, MD and their staff welcome out-of-town patients, and will strive to accommodate your needs during your visit.

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